And then it happened

Today, Anne and I went to bring Phylicia to the station from where she would travel back to London. I will be staying for a few more days at Anne’s place in Munich, she left a little later today to go to her parents and build a new fence in their garden and monday she will be back again. Meanwhile I will have some time on my own to get stuff done clean Anne’s house and enjoy the weather while swimming in the Isar.

2 weeks back Crip came by at my parents place so we could make his van into his home, before he was not able to sleep normally in his bed and had not enough storage room for his stuff. We made a small list with the priorities and started sculpting the van’s interior. After 4 days of at least 15 hours a day we finished and took off for a test to Tuil en’t Waal with beer and firewood !! We talked and drank beer until the early hours and I decided that I would leave on my trip the following morning from my parents place.

The following morning I felt a bit crap but after a quick dip in the Waal all was better and we took off arriving at 11.00 at my parents place.
I packed my bike we ate some french fries and took off with my brother escorting me towards the German border and Crip heading the other way for Den Haag. I said my mother goodbye and she was holding back the tears I could see and feel it. For me it felt like good and bad coming together.

It was good to ride out with my brother on my side.  On some small truck-stop on the A67 heading for Venlo we stopped to say goodbye from then on I would be alone until Düsseldorf.  Lenia is waiting for me there and I will be staying there for a few days to get the last things  sorted out before I really head for the unknown.

The bike felt real heavy the first stretch towards Düsseldorf and was suffering from a 25 year old leaky seal. As soon as the seal arrived I changed it and found out there is another failing seal on the gear lever shaft. But that one will have to wait until I get in Munich.
At Lenia’s place I had a great time, we did some nice small trips together on the bike trough the countryside around Düsseldorf.

From Düsseldorf towards Frankfurt where I would stay with a friend of Kris. She helped me when was offline because of to many visitors.
Thomas lives in Neu-Isenburg just south of Frankfurt. The day was nice and sunny I was dripping with sweat when I arrived at Thomas his place. His housemate Bernd was there to welcome me and show me in. Bernd and Thomas both are real motorcycle enthusiasts and have made numerous trips on their bikes.
When Thomas arrived he invited me  to eat at the biergarten Trefpunkt. A good tasting schnitzel with french fries and salad was my choice accompanie
After a good night sleep I packed the bike to head towards the Bodensee where I would be staying with Sybille and her friend Joachim.d by a glass of beer :). Next to me a girl screamed that there was an insect on her glass, I laughed because I could imagine the insect drinking her beer.

This would be a long ride for a day on B roads, about 475km in total trough beautiful grasslands and forests. Also I would encounter my first real rainstorm which soaked me completely.
But all was forgotten when I arrived in Hagnau am Bodensee.
What a beautiful small place it is.  I stayed only for 3 nights and would leave for München next.
Swimming in Bodensee is nice except for the rocky beaches.

On my arrival in München Phylicia was hanging out of the window screaming Oewe Oewe to me when I drove into the street. Anne was still working so we went for ice cream, the best I ever tasted!!

And now I am here writing my first real update that could be even longer than it already has become.



















































































































  1. madleen wrote:

    Hey Emile, thank you so much for the update. Feels like holiday and as if I am with you. Have a safe trip and a little bit of adventure. Keep us updated with text and photos. Even with stupid or boring stuff;-) Torben is too busy at the moment but I know that he’d wish you all the best and already misses you a lot. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Lenia wrote:

    Emile, it was really nice spending time with you! I wish you all the best for the trip! I’ll be with you in my mind. Kisses!

  3. moc.iteuhs wrote:

    dude stop met dat bier en knallen naar africa waar het avontuur echt begint!

  4. emile wrote:

    @madleen, miss both of you too!! hugs and kisses back

    @lenia, kisses+

    @knakworst, deze man doet chill tijd zat!!

  5. eva wrote:

    EMIiiiiiiile!! I didn’t know that you really really left!!! And I must admit I am shocked that I didn’t take the chance to meet and kiss and hug you in the last weeks! And so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that you started it!!! I know I don’t have to worry, but please take care and enjoy every minute! I am with you in my mind, and I will call my mum so that she will be, too! looking forward to your next posts! Viel Liebe, Eva

  6. Kim wrote:

    Alle tijd? 21 dec vergaat de wereld..ik zou maar een beetje doorrijden!!? ;-) Succes! Liefs

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