Zemendorf here we come













When I arrived at Anne’s place she already recieved the seals for the engine that I bought online.
The weather was good so I build them in right away.














Servus Reiner, I already said goodbye to Anne because she had to leave early to go to work. So only Reiner and Alex where left, and Reiner did this in his own special way.
This was the last bit of München and from now I went south to Austria.
Reiner and Daniel both told me I should go and see the Walchensee south of München so that was the next goal.














On the way to the Walchensee there was a nice road that curved its way into the mountains, ofcourse this road is well known by motorcyclists.














It is truly beautifull at the Walchensee, only it should have been a bit warmer. I wanted to swim but it was just to cold that day.













I wanted to avoid toll ways but did not succeed at all in it, the first one I hit was when trying to cross the  German to Austria border. And the second one when I was about 4 km in Austria luckely this one came with a spectacular waterfall view.









Ariving at Zell am see I looked for a place to stay at the lake, but that was to hard to find a spot at the lake for wildcamping.
So I turned towards the mountains and found myself this nice little spot next to a small waterfall.
I slept very well but not very deep because of the waterfall, so no more waterfalls in the future.









At Zell am see I prepared this nice meal for myself from some pasta, cheese, tomatos and salami that I took with me from Anne’s place. Very tasty!  Yes all of you that recognize the cuttingbord it used to be Eva’s at the Rossstrasse WG.













The next morning I woke up early, mostly because of the sound that the waterfall was making all night. I kept thinking when does somebody turn that thing off.
Washed myself in the cold but refreshing mountainstream packed my stuff back on the bike, and again different from how I did this in the past. I think I have something good now because I can now also open the panniers when the tyres and packs are still on the back.










When I saw the bench I hit the brakes and parked the bike to enjoy this spectacular view and have a lunchbrake. I hope you are able to see it too, there is a beautiful castle in the back.










Riding trough Wildalpen national park I spotted this beautiful spot next to the river Salza. It was only 16.00 so I could still ride on but I desided to stay.  Pitched the tent next to the bike and went for a 5 second swim in the freezing water.













After enjoying my swim I started early with preparing dinner same as yesterday except this time I added wurstl (saussage).  Without the view I was enjoying this would taste different.










All night it had rained and it still did the following morning.  The rain changed my toughts from leaving to staying here. I had a good and dry spot so why give it up, and I also needed a extra day to meet up with Andreas in Zemendorf.
When I walked around my campsite I found this enormous snail, the biggest I have ever come across. The picture does not show this quite well but the snails house is about 5cm diameter and the wooden post it is placed on is a stool that stood next to my tent. Big ass snail.













Rain rain rain, not what I wished for. Just when I was feeling good with the fact of staying where I was, a car suddenly stopped on the roadside 5m away from my tent. The passengerdoor swings open and a young girl is puking half in and half out of the car. The whole famely  got out of the car and started to clean the cars carpet and the girls clothes in the river. They shortly greeted me and got back in the car and drove off leaving me with a large puddle of badly smelling puke next to my tent. This is when the plan changed and I packed the bike and drove off.










On my way again I stopt to hide for the rain I met Reinhard and his wife who where on holiday on there bikes, He on the Goldwing and she just having her driverslicense on a smaller Honda CB I believe.










And their photo.


  1. madleen wrote:

    ach schön. und evas brettchen ist mit auf der reise!

  2. Hilde wrote:

    Leuk die verhalen met foto. Groeten van Gerie kussen van mij

  3. Marco wrote:

    Hemilio, Ziet er uit als een zeer geslaagde start! Je foto’s zijn super zo, hopelijk blijf je de tijd (en verbinding) vinden om dit regelmatig te doen. Ik kijk nu al uit naar de volgende update!


    • emile wrote:

      bedankt!! de start is zeker geslaagd en het is elke keer weer heerlijk verder te gaan. nu heb ik weer een paar dagen verbinding en ga straks ook weer werken aan een update :)

  4. Hallo Emile!
    Wünschen dir eine gute Weiterreise bei schönem Wetter.
    Danke für die Fotos, welche Du hier online gestellt hast.
    Wir werden deine Reise gerne hier mitverfolgen.
    Grüße Rosemarie und Reinhard

    • emile wrote:

      Hey Rosemarie und Reinhard,

      freut mich das euch kennengelernt hab. Ab der tankstelle hab ich kein echten regen mir gehabt :) jetzt in Italien und es ist heiss hier.
      wann ihr wolt koent ihr euch einschreiben dann kriegt ihr eine mail wann ich was neues poste.

  5. Hoi Emile,
    Wat geweldig dat we zo je reis kunnen volgen.
    Schitterende foto’s. Wat een avontuur.
    We zagen het kasteel. Zou ook wel zo’n reis willen maken.
    Zag je het niet zitten om de slak als nagerecht te verorberen?
    Goede reis en we wachten met spanning op het volgende verslag.
    Oma en opa.

    • emile wrote:

      Hey oma en opa,
      leuk dat jullie ook wat hebben geschreven :) jullie moeten alleen volgende keer jullie eigen emailadres invullen, anders lijkt het alsof ik iets aan mezelf schrijf :) maar het maakt niet uit. Het avontuur houd niet op elke dag is weer anders en vaak onvoorspelbaar en onvoorstelbaar :) die slak zag er in mijn ogen niet echt lekker uit maar goed misschien moet ik eerst in frankrijk zijn om dat eens te proberen!!!

      tot snel

  6. Ries wrote:

    You see a lot of nice landscapes, makes me think about my previous trips to Switserland for my projects when I was your age. Very beautifull. Enjoy as much as you can. No worries about the puke, just go elsewere.
    Kus pap.

    • emile wrote:

      landscapes are indeed beautiful around here. Enjoy I will, and I left the place with the puke. Thats why I went with the motorcycle.

  7. Lenia wrote:

    Beautiful mountains!!!!

  8. Eva wrote:

    Mein Nilpferd!! Dass du mir das heile wieder mitbringst!

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