Zemendorf, tires, old bikes and good times

Some of you where already looking forward to a new post, well here it is, short but strong.
At the moment I am staying in Andreas his Gypsy Castle, he is working hard to get his farm ready so travellers will have a place to stay + add and share experiences among each other.










Saterday evening I arrived at Andreas his place, I was earlyer than expected. It was more of a get lucky and see who is there thing, because I knew that Andreas would be gone until Monday.
But I was warmly welcomed by his parents and they showed me Andreas place after a nice dinner. At that moment Andreas was not there yet but his parents gave me the key, turned on the hot water and left to go their own holiday.













The following day I went to do some sightseeing in Rust a little village at the Neusiedlersee, Every house there has a Storks nest on the chimney.










Some locals enjoying the shade as much as I did. Just behind the tree there was a old Hungarian man playing on his accordeon, and after a while of playing a few older Italian tourists came and just started singing out of the blue. I just sat there and enjoyed.










Andreas his trustworthy Triumph bonneville and my ride ready to change the front tire.










Operation front tire, the old off-road tire was completly wasted because of the twisty road in the Alps.






















The difference!









Tomorrow I will leave Andreas again. He travelled India for months with his friend the 350 Royal Enfield. I had a great time at his place. Riding the Enfield trough the fields and having dinner at a traditional farmers restaurant.



  1. Lenia wrote:

    Sounds really nice!! it´s a pity that I can only see a few pictures-somehow the website is not completly working for this icelandic computer. Good luck for your next ride :)
    Lots of kisses Lenia

  2. Ries wrote:

    What a realy relaxed evironment overthere. Let me suffer here in China, although, must admit, it is very adventurous here too.

  3. Crip wrote:

    Heel leuk blog weer en wat tof dat je Andreas hebt opgezocht! Als je hem nog spreekt doe hem dan de hartelijke groet van me! Lees met plezier je blogs. Doe je goed!
    Hier alles ook in het teken van reizen. Eergisteren imperiaal en luifel gekocht :) Wat kleine dingetje gefikst (oa fietskar) en eerste festival met Lauri gedaan in Groningen met de bus. Was een groot succes en zeker voor herhaling vatbaar :D
    Ik kijk uit naar je volgende sneakpeek!
    Het ga je goed maat!
    P.S. Inbouw is geniaal! Kachel doet het ook en ik lig dit vanuit mn bed te typen :D

    • emile wrote:

      Ja man bij Andreas was echt super chill, als je onderweg bent moet je ook maar ff met hem contacten. imperiaal dus toch, wat voor een ?? over het gehele dak of alleen gedeeltelijk ??
      Ik zag al iets op facebook over een festival, welke was het en je moet als je kan volgend jaar naar Ozora gaan in Hongarije zeker je ding!
      Boeken met die bak en tot snel!

      P.S. fijn dat je kachel het nog doet :D

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