There is military up there














This is how I left my old tire in Zemendorf. Maybe the birds will like it and build a home in it.












Austian – Hungarian border.











I had just bought a map of Slovenia and parked on a small quiet road to draw a route on my map when the bike topled over. Nothing real bad happend exept for that I was not able to get it upright anymore and had to ask a passing farmer to help me.











When I stoped for a moment to enjoy the view and make my first picture in Slovenia some local farmers that where collecting the hay came to me and shared a glass of whine with me. We talked a bit about how life is. And they told me they did not like it that all the old Slovenian people where left alone by there children that often live and work abroad.
















On my way I saw a mountain with a big antenna on top of it. I thought well when the big antenna is there, there must be a road up the mountain. Already heading in that direction I asked an old woman the way she explained me that there where two roads and that I had to go left at the church. Not much of a description so further towards the bottom of the mountain I asked again, this time some younger people they said that there is a road and told me how to get there. They also mentioned “ No there is military ” I replied “well I have a tent so I can sleep there so no problem”.  I had not really understood what they where talking about until I saw the first sign that is was forbidden to go up to the top. Ignorant as I am after 10km of riding up a mountain in hope for a nice place to sleep I kept on going. They will tell me in person If I am doing anything wrong here.  Pitched the tent and slept like a log.
















It’s hard to see but from the top of the mountain Boč the view was amazing.
The bike also needed a oil change, I wanted to do this the day before but it started to rain so I did it in the morning on top of the mountain.












On my way down I met the military that where on there way up. One of their jeeps almost drove me of the side of the road.












The Slovenian roads are terrible if you don’t have a enduro bike, because they have a very special way to repair asphalt roads. They just put gravel in the holes and that’s it. Sometimes the asphalt just stops and the B roads just turn to tracks. Good to give my off-road skills a bit of practice.












Nasvidenje Ljubljana. Far in the back just before the mountains is Ljublejana.















I forgot to make a picture of the small deer antler that I got from Andreas for good luck.



























Crossing the border to Italy.











I actually wanted to stay another night in Slovenia on the beach near Portoros. But I did not follow my own instinct and let myself go 40km in the wrong direction. So Italy it would be. I imagined that I would drink a beer and eat a pizza in a small restaurant on the beach of the Mediterranean sea.
This is impossible, the whole coast is build shut with hotels and beach clubs each claiming there part of beach including water. So after wasting a lot of time still hoping to find some quiet place to eat and sleep on the beach I made the decision to go more in land. It was already getting dark and I still had no place. Tired as I was I drove into a gravel dead end road in hope to find the best place at the end. And I did.












I put up the tent and heard the sound of a kitchen and people talking.  I thought I was in the middle of nowhere, but I wasn’t. There was a nice restaurant just on the other side of the fence next to my tent. So some nice food after all.











A plate of Fruti di mare fished locally form the lagoons. And a glass of strong white wine.
I was in heaven.















The dessert was the best icecream I have ever tasted. Home made raspberry ice with fresh homegrown raspberries on top. It’s a shame I only have a photo of the empty bowl. But it shows how good it was.












On my way back to the tent I saw a man in a boat doing something  that looked like he was scraping something of the walls of the locks.












Lago di Garda. This is where I met Wilhelm and Nordi.















Grazie Mile, This old man did not want to sell me his vegtables. He gave them for free. And the way they tasted was amazing!!
















These two girls and Aristoteles the dog helped me translate everything from German to Italian. So I could communicate with the old man.











Wilhelm and Nordi, I met them at the Garda lake. They where here with a 4×4 MAN truck which they left on the campground. If they explore the surrounding or go to a restaurant they take Wilhelm’s KTM enduro which sits on the back of the truck normally.
Recently Wilhelm was in Morocco riding his KTM trough the Atlas mountains.
They are a very nice and interesting couple. I took some good advice from Wilhelm and we had a wonderfull evening together at the only restaurant in Terlago. Terlago is a small village north of the Garda lake and west of Trento. My campingspot was also a recommendation from them.

Thanks Wilhelm and Nordi!! I had a very very good spot directly in front of the last lake.











My perfect camping spot at Lago della Mar.












When I was doing my morning swim in the lake a lot of fish came and swam with me, later I fed them some old bread I still had with me. I hope you will be able to see them.















View from the tent that Sunday morning.











Yesterday I decided that I would ride south along the other side of the Garda lake. Today I was going to ride close to 400km in order to get to Claudio in Savona.











3 police speedchecks and one bad accident later I arrived safely at Claudio’s work where I was offered a cold beer and a place to sit on the roof. Luckely I had nothing to do with the accident and the man in it was still alive, but it looked very bad. His motorcycle was completly ruined, and he was taken care of by the medics arriving at the scene.
Not wearing any protective clothes besides a helmet is asking for trouble on a fast bike and a road loaded with nice fast curves. The Ride from Brescia to Genoa was beatiful, the road curved allong the mountainside and trough the steep valley. Lots of nice curves!!











When Claudio finished his work we went to eat pizza!! And we had an assistant to make a picture of us, a shame he did not understand that there was a centerfocus :D
I am having a great time staying with Claudio for me it feels like the last time I saw him was yesterday.















The small appartment where he lives with his parents has a beautiful view of the Mediteranean sea.
It could not have been better!

Ok I’m off to the beach now!


  1. madleen wrote:

    so romantic. you are!

  2. phylicia wrote: it sounds and looks b e a u t i f u l
    Next time take a picture of the ice crema before eating it : )

  3. breekdanser wrote:

    het bgint erop te lijken! mooi! toch niet in germany blijve hangen?
    hou j taai

  4. Hilde wrote:

    Wauw Emile, wat heerlijke plek bij Claudio. Ik vroeg me ook al af, welk ijsje? x

  5. leo Arnoldy wrote:

    Hoi Emile,
    Weer een prachtig reisverslag en mooie foto’s.
    Op de motor zie je nog eens wat.
    Geweldig om zulke gelijk gestemde mensen als Willem en zijn vrouw te ontmoeten.

  6. emile wrote:

    Hey opa en oma het is gelukt :) bedankt voor het compliment. En het is heerlijk om de vrijheid te ervaren. Wilhelm en zijn vrouw ontmoeten was echt geweldig, we hebben echt de hele avond zitten kletsen over van alles en nog wat.

  7. Crip wrote:

    Wat een mooie avonturen weer baas!!! En wederom leuk gedaan! So proud of you!!! (and a bit jealous ;)) X, Crip

    • emile wrote:

      Hey Crip,

      Hoe toevallig is dat dan, zat net te denken ik moet die jongen nog een mailtje sturen voor zijn bank annex bed ; ) bedankt voor je compliment !! altijd welkom : ) jij bent ook onderweg dus ik ben net zo jaloers :) en jij hebt een rijdend huis, is toch wel wat waard ;) maar ik ben nogsteeds ongeloofelijk blij met mijn eigen manier van reizen.
      LOVE gozer
      je krijgt zo een mailtje ;)

  8. Torben wrote:

    Love your happiness my friend!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful impressions with us.

    I just returned from NL with a passed sailing lisence.
    7 days and nights beeing outside in nature. Learning how to sail during the day, cooking and drinking under warm clear sky in the evening and sleeping on board. I definately want more of this. Started at Sneek to the surrounding waters.

    Gute Fahrt!


    • emile wrote:

      Hey torben!!! coool das du die schein hast !! hatte auch gerne eine, dann durfte ich jetzt am bodensee segeln gehen.
      7 tage onboard ich will das auch!! bald bald jetzt erst bischen was machen am bodensee.
      bald kommen wieder ein par neue bilder!! vieleicht schoen freitag aber ich will nichts versprechen.

      alles liebe!!!


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