Savona to Hagnau














This is what a very serious Claudio looks like when he is making some very  dellisious Carbonara.














Siteseeing in Savona.















During the tour we took in the fortress of Savona that has been build by the Genoans long ago Claudio spots a pidgeon.











Savona seen from the fortress.















Phylicia here is a picture of some real Italian icecream, I had to be quick because it was so hot the icecream was melting before you even got it in your mouth.















After icecream we did some more siteseeing, this is a very old entrance. One of the entrances we looked at we even got a small tour trough the house by one of the owners. A lot of these entrances are decorated with a soft black stone of which I do not remember the name, Claudio told me but I forgot.















The Last evening we wanted to eat at this shop. I was really looking forward to it but when we went there it was closed. We tried the next good one Claudio knew but when we entered the owner told us he was sold out. So Fruti di mare it was.






















While waiting for our enormous fruti di mare dish we made some real nice portraits. This was the last evening with my dear friend Claudio. I miss you man!!












When I entered Sesto I saw fellow overlander Derek ,  he was looking for a hotelroom because he wanted a good night sleep and a shower to freshen up a bit.
I offered him to go with me and look for a small beach directly on the lake and set up camp there. He had already made up his mind Hotel it will be. We shared some good stories and each set out in another direction.











When I left Derek in Sesto it was already getting dark so I had to find a good campingspot soon. And I did, I found a small deserted road alongside lake Maggiore  which led to the gardens of some enormous villas. One of the villas was not finished yet but it had a pier with video survailence, or at least that was what the sign said. I did not see any.  Pitched the tent and made myself dinner and ate it on the pier with this amazing view.











Sleeping creature like mountains seen from the pier.











In the morning I was able to make a photo of where I was at.














This is what you have missed Derek. I hope you had a great shower in the Hotel, I had a very good bath in the lake.














I wanted to make a picture at the border but the officers where not really pleased with it, so this is what we have from entering Switserland. This is the Italian speaking part of it still. When crossing the border I did not see a significant change in petrol price. The last time I went to the petrolstation was in Italy and I paid  € 1,96/L they are insane with these high prices. But I was talking about the price in Switserland, it was 1,88 still very expencive I thought. But I forgot it was CHF 1,88/L which calculates to € 1,53/L so I was happy again and filled up the bike.














When I got closer to the Gottard pass the weather stared to turn form sunny to cold and rainy. On top of the Gottard the clouds where so thick I could not really enjoy the view, It looked more like a valley on a bad day. But actually I was at 2000+m.














I don’t really know why the bike should be on so many photo’s but it just happens, maybe I will try to make some photo’s with me on it next time.











The Swiss Alps.











I did not realize that Switserland was so small until I bumped against the lower side of the Bodensee.
Altnau to be precise is where I camped that night. The next day I took off for Hagnau which lays exactly opposite from Altnau. Hagnau will be the endstation for a while. I am helping out a friend there.














At night there was a storm with lots of rain and wind. Luckely I had a well sheltered campground under a tree and behind some bushes. The morning sun was nice and warm. My kit was dry in minutes and I packed all my stuff on the bike and took off for Konstanz. Later that evening I arrived at Sybille  in Hagnau.














The view for about 4 weeks, not bad.  To be continued!



  1. opa en oma wrote:

    Hoi Emile,

    Prachtige foto’s.
    Wat een mooie campingsites heb je gevonden.
    En wat een uitzicht met een zwembad voor jezelf.
    Dat water in het meer was wel behoorlijk koud zeker.
    Veel succes met de reis
    Groeten ook aan Sybille.

  2. phylicia wrote:

    Miel! oh those swiss alps really do look like toblerone!! hmmm..and the water has a beautiful colour there!
    Icream looks great..I am in Sicilie right now for sSophie’s wedding…just arrived this afternoon. I have read a bit on the beach, swam in the sea and fell asleep on the beach..a perfect afternoon and just finished first my icecream..more will follow.
    ciao emilo

  3. Fred wrote:

    Hoi Emile,

    Met heel veel plezier lees ik altijd je reisverhalen.
    Groetjes van ons viertjes.
    Goede reis verder.

    • emile wrote:

      Hey fred and family

      leuk dat je mijn verhalen leest !! Ik zal weer wat nieuwe produceren :)
      ben op het moment beetje aan het klussen bij een vriendin maar ga binnenkort weer verder
      dus er volgt snel weer wat !!!

      groetjes !!

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