In Hagnau I helped Sybille to renovate one of her appartments. I liked the work but I have to admit it did grow a bit out of proportion for me.
It went from a small “do up the place a little” to a full renovation. Luckely Gut and the guys came to pick up the pace and finish the place.
Herr Gut, Adam and Mateusz learned me a lot of things about renovating. This gave me the feeling that I am on the right track with my trip. I set out to learn and experience new things and here in Hagnau I did exactly that.













Me at my best :)














Jean Pierre the Swiss workforce.















The saviors Gut and the guys.
















Good times with Mateusz and Adam putting putz on the wals.
















In Hagnau I got to know Sybille’s friend Isabel and we went on a small motorcycle tour to enjoy the countryside.
















We stoped to see some waterfalls somewhere in the Allgäu. The southern part of Germany is beautiful!












Up here trough there and you will get there.
















Standing at the side of a resent landslide near the waterfalls.
















The waterfall. In the photo it looks a lot smaller as it was in reality.












When I took of from Holland I took with me a salt and pepper mix made by Max Havelaar called “African mix”.
I really liked it and looked for something that came close to the same taste in the shops where I passed.
But no success so I  gave it a go myself.
Delicately cut some skin off an orange, citrus and lemon. And added af few sliced bits of garlic to dry in the frying pan.
After an hour or so of careful stirring and heating (no burning) all was dried, left it to cool down and mixed it with salt and pepper.
















The result a very strong sunny tasteful mix for any meal :)
















Isabel making us some delicious Dinkel käse spätzle.












As in almost every post I have to fix my bike in some way or do some maintenance.
This week I  did the lot, the traveling is taking its toll on the old bike.
But nothing serious.
Maintenance done:
-valve adjustment
-new rear tire
-oil change
-chain adjustment
-carburetors cleaned

Repairs done:
-broken muffler welded
-new and better heat shield  in the side cover

Changes done:
-12v socket placed on the rear of the bike













Jürgen aka Willi, helped me with the TIG welding of my muffler and fixed me up with a mount for the 12v socket I put on the rear of the bike.
He had some cool bikes there a Yamaha 250 DT , a faster then normal Schwalbe and a very cool Beta 498 :)

The bike is ready to hit the next continent! Tomorrow I will set of towards the south of Spain and Morocco.


  1. Hilde wrote:

    Dat word weer afzien voor mij Emile. :)
    Want we hadden veel kontakt via telefoon en skype.
    Ik zal dat zeker missen.
    Nieuwe ervaringen, motor op orde, tijd om verder te gaan.
    Dikke kus en goed reis

  2. Lenia wrote:

    Hoi Emile! Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg auf deiner Weiterfahrt, endlich geht es weiter. Erfreulich zu sehen, dass du schon wieder eine neue Motorradbeifahrerin gefunden hast. Wenn ich das so sehe, vermisse ich dich. Kuss!

    • emile wrote:

      Hey Lenia!! danke, ich freue mich auch richtig auf der weiterfahrt. wie du sagst endlich geht es weiter. Bist du schon in Leipzig ?? oder noch unterwegs?? bin gespannt wie es ist. Kus!

  3. opa en oma wrote:

    Hoi Emile,

    Op naar het zuiden, nieuwe verten ontdekken en avonturen beleven.
    Motor is weer helemaal in orde zagen we. Tot nu toe weinig problemen er mee.
    Weer een leuk reisverslag uit Hagnau en omgeving.

    Al het goede toegewenst van oma en opa.

    • emile wrote:

      Hoi Opa en Oma,

      bedankt voor de gelukswensen! De motor is super en geeft inderdaad weinig problemen. Cross fingers voor de toekomst :)


  4. Ries wrote:

    Dear Emile,
    Realy burning again of urging to go on wheels, I see. The sunny dried stuff is making me curious to try for myself too. Which you already mentioned, I normaly do this drying with my hot chillies at home. For now wishing you a good journey again. Having experienced great challanges as you usually enjoy the way it comes. My actual China visit is also full of new food experiences, which I enjoy too. Looking forward for the next contact at your stop(s).
    Loves, your dad.

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