On the road again

Hey all,

At the moment I am in Fes Morocco, chilling in Riad Versus. A lot has changed lately. All of you know I wanted to make a round the world trip really badly, but that has changed. I found out that travelling alone is not really my cup of tea. Those of you that know me probably saw this coming. I always knew this would be my weak spot but never thought it would bring me to the thought of  coming back sooner this quick. Of course this is not the only reason for me to change the plan. I also noticed that I really miss the work I did and then especially my own creative work, making the lamps, jewellery, furniture and all the rest. When travelling I felt more like a onlooker then a participator, sometimes you can do a little bit but the real feeling of participation was not there and I miss that. Last but not least I miss my family and friends. All of this adds up to an early return to Holland. Not that I will stop travelling NO, I will go on but in smaller steps and not alone. The smaller steps will be good when I need to empty my creative thoughts because I already have the feeling my head is getting overfilled and I need to make stuff.

so that’s that said!










Probably the worst picture ever made of the Rheinfalls, This was actually a very amazing sight.
I never even knew there was a big waterfall in the Rhein.










After my first night sleep at a very boring spot somewhere in a field with forest surrounding it. I woke up early to make some distance and came down a hill seeing this. The two cities Montreux and Vevey the entrance to the alps.














Swiss wine just before crossing the border to France.














I have to admit it is hard to see but in the background you see a part of the Mont Blanc. I thought maybe I will get a better view of it later but that did not happen. Although I drove around it and saw the other side of it.










Hey thats me and the Le mouton all the way up our first high pass in the Alps, when I remember well it was at 1400m.










This is what it looked like upthere, it was empty and higher up bits are covered with snow.










They even put a lake upthere, Lac de Roselend.










After a few passes I looked for a nice campground and found this one near Bessan.










And this was the background of my new campingspot :)










This is also where I made my first campfire of the trip! nice and warm because it was already getting cold in europe. The next morning I discovered that I was sleeping at about 1600m because of a sign just around the first bend in the road. No wonder it was pretty cold that night.










Bikers. we had seen each other a few times on the way and waved at each other. Now we all reached the same goal. Col de L’Iseran.










The Highest I have riden the bike! I was doing fine, Le Mouton just 500 rpm :) This pass is supposed to be one of the highest you can get in Europe. There is one that is higher but only 30m or so, at least that is what the french bikers told me. It was high.











And when you are that high something will always top it to be even higher.











On my way down I stopped at this small hut completely covered by the forest.






Came across another lake high up.











Hey Madleen if you need some parts for your car Fontan (France) is where you need to go.










Near Sospel just 30 km above Monaco I found the best campingground ever. It was located on a small ridge about 6 m higher then the road with a beautiful view. Here I also made a small campfire and tried out a different setup. I build a small half domed arch out of stones to radiate the heat from the fire towards me, and that the fire would not lose so much heat and therefor used less wood,
And it worked perfect.















Down below just on the side of the street there was a small flat area to park the bike and like you can see there is the tent pitched on the ledge.










I imagined the cost a bit different, more open space and nature not just one ongoing line of buildings. what a  shame.











After many km’s down the coast I came across this sight, so there is still a bit of nature left.











This looked like a nice camping ground but at dusk some wild boars came to keep me from getting some sleep.











Marseille what a city.











On my way to Rivesaltes I met Vandré and Anouck who where doing a trip trouch france on a motorcycle like I was doing :) and we stopped for a drink and some photo’s we had a great time.
Drinks where finished and we headed each in our own directions.
Godspeed to both of you!












These guys were making funny jokes when Vandré, Anouck and I made some pictures. They shouted “cheese” but they did not expect me to shout “fromage” and thats when this picture was made.












When looking at this boat it felt like having a dream of going towards something unknown and beautiful.












I was looking for a place to camp again but then it happened that I fell down with the bike and like the time before I could not get the bike upright on my own. Luckily there where some people coming towards me to help. The other downside was that it started raining that same moment.
My hand hurt and me having a down feeling I decided to go for the first hotel I can find to chill out.















The hotel was situated in Rivesaltes and to expencive for what they had to offer, but the woman at the desk said the price was not negotiable. Good thing was I did not have to unpack the bike because they had a garage.












Heading for the Pyrenees nothing there yet in the photo.












And there they are the Pyrenees.












After many hours and liters of rain I managed to get to Eric’s place. He lives in the middle of a dessert like place in the north of Spain. All year round he lives of his own garden and sometimes have a nice Kebab in the city.  Amazing place, thanks Crip!!












The view from Monte Eric.
















Good morning sunshine, I asked Eric if it was possible for me to stay 2 nights. He said no problem so now I was able to do some exploring. And the weather was nice as was the surrounding area.















On my tour I found this beautiful tool in a small shed.















The tree of live.












When I left Eric it was only 5 degrees celcius so I had to stop a few times to get warm again.  And the old village people always know the best out of the wind in the sun spots. So I stuck with them for a while.












The landscape on the way to Valencia.












Us arriving in Valencia.












Meet my dorm mates in Valencia, Raj, Sunil and Cherie. First thing to do is get food and go for a dance.















The brothers.












Sunil bought a pair of glasses for me from Goliath.















The next day I took a city tour with a Scottish guide Duncan. I learned a lot about Spanish history and traditions of Valencia.















Even found something myself although I did not found out ther real story behind the child’s heads on the drainpipes it did remind me of Claudio’s work.












The next day I left a bit late in the direction of Ronda. But I got lost in a thunderstorm. Yes that can happen on a motorcycle. I was completely soaked and just wanted to go to a hotel and sleep and be warm. By the time I found a hotel I had already driven about 130km in the dark with heavy rain. It sucked!













The day after being lost I went to Ronda to stay there for a night and get a warmer t-shirt because the mountains where freaking cold!
It is a shame that I forgot to take out my camera  in Ronda so no pictures but I really felt good there. I had a nice small hotel for a good price in the center of the city.












Africa here I come.


  1. Heleen wrote:


    Its pure richness and wealth to may discover and to be allowed to explore your own freedom..!!!
    flow…flow… where the wind takes you!!!!

    Loads of love

  2. Hilde wrote:

    Hey Emile,

    Geniet van Marokko en zorg dat je terug komt uit die woestijn :P
    We zien je graag weer terug in de Pironstraat ergens in Februari. ( eerder mag natuurlijk ook)
    De 11 is wel een juiste datum vind je ook niet. :)
    Veel plezier

  3. Hein & Carla wrote:

    Hallo pleegzoon,

    Wat een verrassend bericht. We kunnen ons er wel iets bij voor stellen en alleen is maar alleen natuurlijk. Ook wij zien je weer graag terug komen uit die grote zandbak waar je nu bijna in zit en hier staat nog steeds een bedje voor je klaar als je zin hebt om in Eijsden te komen chillen of wat anders te doen. Geniet in Marokko voorlopig nog maar van het ongetwijfeld warme weer. Hier is het nattig koud en binnen de kortste keren kan het ook nog gaan vriezen en sneeuwen en heeft Le Mouton ook nog spijkerbanden nodig.
    Have fun! Take care!
    Heel veel groeten van Carla en Hein

  4. phylicia wrote:

    Miel..je weet het..in London kun je ook wanneer je wilt langskomen..heel graag zelfs..geniet nog van marokko en tot snel. heel veel liefs

  5. madleen wrote:

    Emile, we miss you too and we are happy to welcome you back home. you have to meet this new little guy in town. Ares. Pretty cool guy. We told him about you and he is excited to poo in your arms. Come home safely and homeland is happy to have you back (and the girls) !!! its not the same without you and much less creative.

  6. Jeannet wrote:

    Ha die Emile!!
    Pas goed op jezelf, doe waar je gelukkig van wordt en vergeet niet te genieten van alles wat je tegenkomt!!
    Dikke “hug”

  7. zweetie wrote:

    ok ok, ik ga ermee akkoord
    maar ik wil geen excusjes horen over indo want daar moet je toch echt naartoe en kapot peddelen in maroc!
    zit nu in honduras tussen de garifuna’s en net op tijd weg voor de aardbeving in guatemala. fuuu
    tot in maroc. liefde,
    je maat

  8. Hilde wrote:

    Je bent mijn held, omdat je kiest voor jezelf.
    dikke kus

  9. Oma en opa wrote:

    Hoi Emile,
    Wat een belevenissen heb je weer meegemaakt o.a in Spanje.
    Het kan daar ook verrekte koud zijn heb je ondervonden.
    En nu Afrika.
    We staan helemaal achter je genomen besluit. Je hebt je hart en gevoel gevolgd.
    Dat zijn je beste raadgevers.
    Wellicht ontmoeten we elkaar in april 2013 in Holland.
    Veel liefs van ons beiden.

  10. Max wrote:

    Hoi Emile! Gezien op de fotos heb je heel wat meer gedaan dan alleen thee drinken ;) Mooie plaatsen bezocht en veel kilometers gemaakt! Die kleine stukjes tekst maken het helemaal mooi. hahaha. Moet nog steeds lachen om die auto die stopte een tijd terug al.. Ongelofelijk =P De foto van de gevel in Valencia is trouwens ook echt prachtig! Toch lijkt het mij ook al wel weer redelijk fris worden. Gezien de wijzigingen in het reisplan kan ik mij heel goed voorstellen. Meer creativiteit en gezelligheid =) Moest eigenlijk meteen aan de film Into the Wild denken.. Die ken je vast? Goed dat je gewoon je gevoel volgt en met een soort tendens je richting veranderd en straks weer terug komt. Groetjes van hier en we drinken een glaasje op je mooie avontuur!

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