Thank you all for the supporting comments on my last post :) Now I definitely come back to NL soon!
The crossing from Tarifa to Tanger was smooth, but the customs where a bit annoying. All the people there wanted money for doing nothing. And me being stupid I only carried a E 20,- note and no coins so there went my money.
And the whole process took about 2 hours!
On my way to look for a place to sleep in Tanger I got a bit annoyed by all the people and went to a bit overpriced  Ibis for the night, it was already getting dark and I did not want to look for a better place anymore. I was tired!
The next morning I got up early to go to Fes.



















On the way to Fes I took some small roads until I had to turn around because the road was washed away.  I had to take a small road back north towards the highway in order to get to Fes. The views where amazing. I only had one problem my camera battery charger is broken so I could only make one picture :(  .











My camera battery was still empty so only a few pics made in the first day of Fes. Went to have a look at one of the tanneries hidden in the center of the Medina.
The next day I managed to find a universal charger in the new town of Fes so more photo’s could be taken :)















Alessandro taking a picture of some new old looking building in Meknes.















Jesus, Alessandro and I on our way to the Medina of Meknes.















This is a door  in the Medina of Meknes. If you are in Fes and sick of being stressed by all the hustlers take a daytrip to Meknes by train. it will take about an hour but really worth it.









While we where drinking our tea some skilled woodworkers worked in the background.











We were walking around Meknes when I spotted this mean off-road hybrid scooter.











The quiet streets of Meknes. NO Hustlers!















Woman cleaning the streets of Meknes.












It was already late when we came back from Meknes this photo is taken from the roof terras of the Hostel.












same view by day.












A few days later I went to Meknes again because I had seen a very nice vase I really liked to buy.
This time I went with Matt and Alex, and a special adventure was awaiting us there.















We were starving after finding my vase so we looked for a place to eat but no luck. Until we ran into a man I had met on my previous trip to Meknes. He invited us to his house to eat there, and not to forget it is not for free we had to pay for the food.  Well no worries man we are hungry so we are in for it.
Arriving at the house we gave the man 40Dh to get some ingredients so his wife could start cooking.
While the man was away we were left alone in his house.
So Matt started to make a small documentary of the place.















Ok the photo is a bit blurry I have to admit but it is because there was no electricity at that moment. It took about an hour to get the lights working in the house. The man also claimed the sheepsmeat he had in the fridge was fresh we wondered how fresh when the electricity is not working ??















And there was light! It took forever for the food to be ready so we were starving!! and when the food was finally there, it was just enough the three of us.

When we finished we paid the man more then needed and started looking for a small shop to get some more food for our poorly filled stomachs.












It was time to leave Fes so I said goodbye to Yussef and the maid of Riad Versus. There I met Alex who will come with me on the back of the bike. Together we will head to the dessert.













Packing the bike, I think we reached the maximum capacity of the old XL 600 LM.













Two madmen on one bike heading for the dessert looking for camels (dromedaries).













The road behind us to Midelt trough the High Atlas.













And the same road in front of us a lot of km’s still to go.

















Arriving at Midelt we checked in to our five start an-suite bedroom it’s always nice to sleep with your head in the bidet.













The hotel manager told me to use the bar downstairs as a garage for the bike, the owner said no problem just park there!













On our way to Midelt we lost Alex his sleepingbag that was tied to the back of the bike. This really sucked because we planned to camp in the dessert.  The man in the picture tried to help us find a new second hand one but with no luck. The only thing he managed to do was let his friend sell Alex a silk cloth. Later when Alex and I where looking for some unions to open Alex his blocked nose, another guy wanted to sell us something. We were to tired to ignore or go away so we followed him for a while until we reached the same shop where we had bought the silk. And the owner now suddenly had a sleeping bag!!
What a lucky bastards we are!














On we went, still in the high Atlas Alex showing us you can also jump there.














And finally after a lot of km’s we rode out of the High Atlas towards the dessert.














The Gorges du Ziz a beautiful oases all along the river.












We arrived early in Hassi Labied at our hostel Auberge la Source.
There we heard  that there is a music festival in Merzouga.
So we got on the bike and headed to Merzouga to catch some dessert tunes.














The following morning we enjoyed our breakfast with a view of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes.














Our goal was to climb that dune.














After one hour we where on the top of the big dune. In the distance lies Hassi Labied.

















We made it!!!














It was windy and in the dessert that means a lot of dust and sand going everywhere.






























Alex and I wanted to go camping in the dessert at least one night.
The day we decided to go we set off a bit to late and it was already dark when we arrived on a good spot to set the tent.
On the way there we went down 2 times luckily nobody got hurt.
Just when we had the tent up a sand storm came. This really sucked because the tent was not fixed to the ground yet. While Alex was holding the tent down I rolled the bike to the wind side and fixed the tent to it with all the ropes we had.
Together we worked hard to build a sort of dyke of sand and rocks so the wind could not go under the tent.
After an hour of hard work we secured the tent and we went to bed.














Alex we survived it!!
The rest of the day and evening we took time off to just chill, the sandstorm was a wild adventure.














Went up the big dune again to see the sunset behind Hassi Labied.
But this time I came prepared.














I think I don’t need to say anything here.













Alex looking at the stars.
















The day we had planned a camel tour on dromedaries we had some time to wonder around so we walked a bit in the black dessert just outside of town.
















Nothing just one lonely tree.













There we go into the dessert with each our own dromedaries.
















And are you comfortable Alex?



























Maybe you have all seen enough of the dessert.
Well I am still amazed by it.














Our camp after 1,5 hours of riding.














Looking at the constilation Orion.














My ride in the dessert Berta 48.














That morning there was a dromedaries on the handbrake on top of a dune near to our camp.
















On the way back to the Hostel.
The next day we wanted to leave Hassi Labied to move towards the coast.











We were fully packed and ready to go, only the bike felt different, it did not have the power it used to have. This tells me two things the oil needs to be changed and the air filter is probably blocked because of the dessert dust.
When I tried to turn the heavy bike around I drove off the road to make the turn but when I tried to get back on the road the front wheel diged in some loose sand and I lost control of the bike. We crashed hard on the road luckily with low speed but still it sucked.
The deer antler and my lucky camel tooth where crushed the cockpit was bend back and a lot of oil spilled. The oil spilled made me worry about the engine. when I tried to start it a lot of smoke came out of the exhaust but it still worked! And both Alex and I had no real injuries.
We were about 15 km from Hassi Labied and we decided to split up and meet back at the hostel.
This meant leaving Alex in the dessert to hitch a ride back to town. As i drove away from him I realized that he had no water with him, which is bad in a dessert so I dropped a bottle for him by the roadside.

I drove to the gasstation first to get some oil and waited for Alex, he got another ride and a bit later we met at the Hostel.














Changing the oil and oil filter, clean the airfilter, bend the headlights straight and check the valves.
It took me all day at a slow pace to get the bike ready again. Meanwhile we also decided that it may be better if we would split up because it is just a lot safer. So the next morning Alex took the bus to Marakech and I drove the bike to Taliouine.














The night before we left we went to look at the stars one more time to find out that it was cloudy, so we did our own interpretation on stars.














Getting some shadow time on the way to Taliouine.
When I arrived there the hostel I stayed at was shit! the people were not nice at all and the price was way to high. for a crappy bed no breakfast and no hot water.
The next day I made the stretch to Tamraght where Fatimazahra, Erlend and Hafsa are living.
Here I will stay for a while.

























See you all soon!




  1. Eva wrote:


  2. Ries wrote:

    My goodness what a lot of odd situations your facing. Yes, it is your adventure that you actually like a lot, inspite of a number of things you might not realy wanted, but enjoy as you can. We enjoy our holiday here on SABA. xxx your Dad.

  3. oma en opa wrote:

    Hoi Emile,
    Wat een prachtige foto’s. We genieten er iedere keer van.
    Vooral de foto van de Orion vond oma mooi, want die ziet ze hier op Saba ook.
    Fijn dat je in februari naar Saba komt.

    Hartelijke groeten van ons beiden.

  4. Hans wrote:

    Hoi Emile ,

    Ik hoop dat je een ge-weldige tijd hebt daar !!
    En dat de LM ook als een beest gaat.

    Groeten Hansxl uit het koude Rheden

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