The way back

Before I really went back to Holland I stayed a while in Tamraght. Here I surfed with my friends made a short trip with Isabel to Marrakesh. Celebrated Christmas and New Year and surfed even more.
At the moment I am in the south of Germany visiting Isabel just before we will travel to Saba :).  This small transition feels great it gives me the time to think about what I have seen on the way the past 6 months. And I have the time to do a update so all of you can see what I have been up to lately.
Some have already seen me in Holland others have not, no worries I will be there for a while and only go on shorter trips ;).









When I arrived in Tamraght it sometimes rained but always with a rainbow!















First thing I did there was buy a surfboard. I bought this 5.8″ fish and made a poser pic for fun.


rood huisje













Every day I walked to the beach I went past this little red shack.











When I was staying in Tamraght, I stayed with Erlend aka Omar his wife Fatimzahra and thier wonderful daughter Hafsa who I met three years before. I helped them out a bit with the decorations of the rooftop terrace bar here is the result :)











The terrace.


Alex fire













Just before Isabel arrived I met up again with Alex who was flying to Europe from Agadir.


banana beach









Isabel arrived and what better to do than eat at Banana Beach.


kijk een ezel









We spot a donkey on the way back from Marrakesh.


zon onder









And surfed until we were tired. I was sad that Isabel already had to leave after only one week.


manke poot









The rear wheel had some hard times and some bad maintenance, both my fault. Now it was time to do the repairs.











Isabel brought a spoke set with her so I was able to replace the broken spokes. It turned out that out of the original 36 spokes only 19 spokes where holding it together.


naar het werk













On the way to work.

erlend tanken













Erlend filling the R4′s gastank.



raampje plaatsen












Putting the window frames in.


some work done













Erlend finishing exterior walls with white cement.


huis dicht













Welded the metal grill back in place.


oud en nieuw









Happy new year!!


The sky is on fire









Surfs up!


natural habitat









Riding back to the north of Morocco the bike felt like being in its natural habitat!
And I was feeling great because I was moving again.


bye bye marok









Bye Bye Morocco.











First breakfast on the mainland.


sevilla sun down









After 2 days in Tarifa I drove to Sevilla to arrive there just in time to see the sun set.


koning van Almendral













I was determent  use couchsurfing to get back to Holland.
And the first place where I stayed was at Quini’s
A butcher who has a small history museum on the top floor of his house.


Bikes of the past









Quini took me to a friend telling me his friend had a motorcycle museum it turned out to be a rather large collection of cool old bikes in a dark shed. In the collection: a load of Montessa’s, 3 Lambretta’s, Vespa with sidecare, a few Ducati’s, Moto guzzi’s and more others.



destination republika













In Coimbra I was invited to stay at the Real Republika Prä Kys Tao.
A very very nice experience thanks guys!!















Coimbra is a beatiful city with amazing buildings.


Casa Fernando













In Porto the next city on my route I visited my friend Thomas who was living in the red house.
The red house has been rebuild by the owner Fernando. And I have to say it’s a beautiful house.


Thomas en Fernando









Thomas and Fernando in the kitchen.


view from the bathroom




view from the bathroom.


port port









In the evening Thomas took me to see the city from the old bridge designed by Eifel.


eifel bridge













And the bridge.


wijntje doen









Thomas and I having the best ham sandwich ever with a sparkling white wine. Porto!!


ready to go













After 3 days I had to leave Thomas. Porto is the new best EU city!


Carlos de Santiago









After a long ride on the bike I arrived in Santiago de Compostella where I stayed with Carlos.
He took me to a small bar in the city center, with good wine and delicious cheese and Iberico ham.
From Santiago I drove to  Oviedo and from there to Bilbao. The journey from Santiago to Oviedo was the most unpleasant ride I ever had on a bike. 400 km with heavy rain and halfway a mountain pass with 5 cm snow on the road and snowing al the way. I was freezing and there was more to come.
I phoned with my mother the day after and told her about the conditions and a few minutes later she called back telling me my father is going to pick me up. I was not really in tune with this decision. But my father was right it would be stupid to drive back to Holland trough heavy rain and snow.
And 2 days after Bilbao I was back in Holland.
The very sad part is that I lost the pictures that I took from Oviedo until my arrival in Holland :(.

Back in Holland I bought a car for the things I want to do when I get back from Saba. Yes Saba, the small island next to St. Maarten in the Caribbean. My grandparents live there for a while and I will visit them for the next 6 weeks.


de tank









My new old Land Rover 110 build in 1983 with refitted 200 TDi











I still have to fix some parts but it’s in good overall condition.

thats it for now :)


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  1. Torben wrote:

    Hi Emile, good to see you are doing fine.
    Regina and I are sharing an Office / Werkstatt in Düsseldorf Bilk.
    A curtain separates two spaces.
    If you ever need and office workplace/ small manual place to work at,
    just get in touch. I am there at night sometimes, still working at HPP during the day.

    Thank you for sharing your experinces with us.
    Love your car, can´t wait to hear it´s sound.
    Please pick me up for a ride off road.

    Hang loose body boy!


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